Sunday, February 5, 2017

Date Night!

Last night Matty (husband) and I sat down and watched the new show called Santa Clarita Diet starring Drew Barrymore on Netflix. So far we are 3 episodes in and loving it =D I am not the type of person that can sit down long enough to binge watch a show. After awhile I am itching to get back to painting or creating something for my little world called Bit Strange.

Every Saturday night Matt and I always sits down and watch a movie (or go to the movies) or catch up on our shows. It's like our little date night since we both work so many hours during the week, even though we both work here at home. Matt is a programmer and me of course is an artist, we are always working non stop so we decided to start taking Sarturday nights off and be with each other =D

Today I am starting to paint digitally that original drawing that is up on eBay called "Unlucktapus" I will start posting wip shots of Unlucktapus up on my social media tomorrow (evetually I will add all those buttons on the side of this blog) but for now you can just get the links below.

Till Next Time

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