Friday, February 10, 2017

Emoji War!

Last night Matty and I sat down to watch a new sitcom called Superior Donuts, only 2 episodes that has aired so far but man this sitcom is hilarious.

You're prpbably wondering about the title of this blog post well let me explain it a little bit. I wished Matt a Happy Birthday yesterday on facebook and ever since we have been fighting with emoji faces lol it is still going on and it has been over 8 hours now. So far I have been through all of gamercats, biscuit in love and now working my way through bigli migli emojis. I don't see this ending anytime soon =P

Oh I also submitted Unlucktapus into an entry into a book, hopefully I will get in but not really holding my breath on it. Either way at least I am trying to get my Unluckables noticed =D

I have had a headache for awhile now and it seems it doesn't want to go away so I might actually call it early tonight and head to bed. Yes 1:30 am is early for me when usually I don't go to bed till 4 or 5 in the morning and wake up at 8 or 9 (don't sleep that much)

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