Wednesday, February 8, 2017

It's Snowing!!!!

I must be the weird one out of my family, I am the only one that loves snow. So you can imagine how I am feeling right now, it's snowing pretty good out there. Matty and I had just got back from going to Menards and we had a wonderful snowball fight (which he started) with each other and the puppies (we have 2, 2 year old pit bulls that we raised since they were 4 weeks old) I hit Matt right in the face it was so epic I loved it, then he tried to do the same of course he missed every single time until I wasn't looking. CHEATER!!!!

In all I would just love to keep the snow for a little longer since next year we are moving to Tybee Island, Georgia or Savannah, Georgia. This is the first actual good snow we had all winter so I am very, very happy =D

On to the art front I am like 90% done with Unlucktapus then I can move on to the background I am pretty happy the way he is turning out so far. Here is a work in progress shot

Till Next Time

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