Friday, February 3, 2017

New Original Art!

I finally got around to updating my blog, look at that =D I am hoping that this blog won't get tucked away and forgotten like all the others in the past =P

Lets see, today I finished an original drawing and posted up on ebay for a 10 day auction starting at $1.99 [click here to view the listing] My first time doing any type of auction with my art since I started 9 years ago.

Here is the little Unluckable I call "Unlucktapus" a strange creepy cute creature under the sea that caught a skellie.

Now I am gonna go send of the news letter (if you would like to join go to my website Usually I tell them first on all the new things.

After that it will be time to work my magic on that cute drawing I just did "Unlucktapus" by turing it into a digital painting (yes you will beable to buy the print when he is done =D)

Untill Next Time

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