Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sale Print of the Week!

This year the first Tuesday of January I started something new, I would choose a print of an Unluckables and put it on sale. The sale is $9.99 when the print is usually $13.99 so you get a great deal for an 8x10 since that is all I am offering at the time (down the road I will offer bigger prints)

So this weeks Unlucky Sale Print of the Week is "Midnight Bat Walk" he is just $9.99 for an 8x10 glossy print signed by me on the back. Click on the image to go to my shop to purchase.

Midnight Bat Walk is the first Unluckable that I created since I brought them back. I stopped creating them back in August 2014 due to health issues and losing someone so important to me. I just couldn't create anymore, it was like I was forcing myself to create when I couldn't and everything I did create I hated. So I took a step back till November 2015 and this is what I came back with a new and improved version of my Unluckables.

Well back to painting on that Unlucktapus

Till Next Time

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