Sunday, May 28, 2017

Plunging Away!

Eeeeekkkkk! 36 days til the new comics for Little Bit Creepie starts and I still have tons of work to do.

Lets see I still have to create the character sheets of the 4 main characters Trouble, Demon, Diable and Elena. It's still the same cast minus Poe and Raven (they come in later) I think not sure if I am going to add them or not. Anyways character sheets are basically drawings of the main characters front view, side view, 3/4 view and the back view of what they will look like. Again all the characters are going to basically stay the same but since my drawing abilities has improved tremendously I need to recreate them. Of course they will look different but trying to keep them the same, we will see how that goes =D

Right now I have just Troubles outline for the front view almost finished, I have tons of work to still do on that front. Elena is not showing up for awhile so I can work on her in a couple of weeks at least so it is just the 3 unluckables I need to work on so far.

Luckily I have over 30 comics written so far, that is a tremendous amount of work done at least. Still have to draw them but at least they are written. I want to have a huge buffer before the comic launches so I don't have to worry about anything. That is one thing I wished someone told me when I first started the comcics is to have a huge buffer so that way if something happens your not in a bind. Plus with a buffer I can still work on my art and commissions stuff like that.

Also I still need to create a logo and do a website layout that actually is functinal comparing to all my other previous layouts for Little Bit Creepie. The older layouts were less stellar and all it had was the comics, no character bios, no nothing so very plan jane.

Thats about it, it might sound like there isn't alot to do but being one person and creating all this in 36 days is not a lot to do it all in.

Other news my f@cking printer is broken it won't print black ink and of course it breaks after the warrenty is done. So I can't offer prints at the time being, I guess that is a blessing in disguise I guess. This way I can create more paintings and once I get another one or get this one fixed I will have more to offer.

I know this is a very boring entry but at least I am working on my art =D

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