Thursday, June 29, 2017

Artist Block!

This doesn't hapen very often to me till this year. Matter of fact I think this is actually the first time I have ever had an art block since I started creating my world back in November 2008. My last painting of anything and that I am madly in love with was Unlucktapus back in February.

I think though I might be out of it, so many ideas are finally flowing through my head. The question is can I actually create them with my new medium. I only have certain colors so everything I came up with is of course is the colors I don't have. I have all the reds, cool greys and purple and 1 green. 

What I am thinking I might do is do it all black and grey and just add a touch of color here and there. Once I get more ink then I will add more color. Yeah! I love that idea! Then I will take the original into photoshop and create my prints with my digital format.

Here is to new paintings =D 

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