Thursday, June 22, 2017


Today was pretty dang eventful thanks to the puppies (monster and hunter), Matt and I have 2 pitbulls that will be turning 3 in October. Yes, we still call them puppies, we raised them since they were 4 weeks old since their mother stopped feeding them so we took over.

Anyways I am standing at the kitchen sink doing the dishes while Matt is cooking dinner. Here I am watching the pups outside I see them start sniffing in one spot. All of a sudden, I see a bird try to fly and the pups start going after it. I drop everything to run outside to save it and you here the parents of the baby bird yelling and I am yelling at the dogs to stop and get to the porch. Of course our cat, Trouble gets out so she doesn't see it thank goodness and Matt goes to see if the baby is ok. Matt gets near and it trys to fly and it landed near our porch steps and of course Trouble sees it that time and I had to catch her before she got the baby. So in other words the baby was fine at least we think so because we went back in so the parents can get to it. We are not sure what happened to it, we went back out 20 mins later to check on it and we couldn't find it. I sure hope it made it back to its parents =(

In other news, in just a few minutes at midnight it will be officially 10 days till the launch of the comic. I am so excited! After the launch I will beable to get back to doing paintings with my new medium =D It is officially crunch time now.

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