Monday, June 19, 2017


Sitting here in my stuido working on the comic looking out the side window, it is sunny as can be then look to the front window and the storm is rolling in =D That is my favorite thing, seeing the darkness of the storm rolling in and it is still sort of sunny.

Speaking of working in my studio I'm working on the comic of the unluckables which there is only 14 days left till the comic launches on I decided to rename the comic to Unluckables instead of Little Bit Crepie it just fits the comic better. I mean it is still the same concept as the old comics but the brand is different so to speak. There will be lots of creepy things just like the old comics but it will also have the unluckyness of the unluckables lol.

And here comes the rain =D storms make me work so much better since my creatures are creepy but in a cute way. Well back to drawing =D

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