Friday, July 7, 2017


OMG! I am so in the mood for Halloween stuff right now. All these online stores are coming out with their line of Halloween products and I am drooling over here lol. 

Halloween is my favorite holiday, I actually leave 50% of my decorations out all year round. I put all the Happy Halloween stuff away but leave out the skeletons, bats, my Vincent Price bust along with a Vampire bust and of course spiders. 

I start putting out the rest of my Halloween decorations out in the middle of August. That's how much I love Halloween! Besides that is the earliest Matt will let me put it out lol.

In other words don't be surprised in a couple of weeks if you start seeing Halloween art =D

Ok now it is time to start cooking dinner and then off to draw some more really need to get this Halloween fix out of me lol

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