Sunday, August 6, 2017


Yesterday I was gone all day for my Aunt's 70th Birthday Party up in Michigan. We had a wonderful time seeing all the family and we left a little early so we could go to Michael's, damn do I miss that place so much. I bought 6 little wooden coffins I want to paint on and sell. They will be a little series and only available during the Halloween time. We will see how it goes.

Then today Matt and I went to a festival by the beach suppose to be an art festival it was really disapointing only 20 vendors but we made the best of it. We found a little cute restaurant and got to eat on the deck on the lake, what a beautiful view, very cute and very good food. We will be going back a lot, of course we find it when we are leaving next year, hopefully anyways.

On the art front, it's finally time to start on that painting for the gallery, it's juried so not sure if I will make it in or not but I am gonna give it ago. Rather try than wonder, right!

So the prepping of the canvas is done, took longer than expected since we were gone all day yesterday and today but I am going to work now on. Putting on my favorite movie since it is about him anyways a little hint jack skellington more details later =D

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