Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Must Be Crazy!

If I'm not already bogged down with getting my art back up, I decided to try my hand at entering a painting into a art gallery show. I must be crazy, but maybe this is what I need to get my ass in gear. The deadline is August 31st and so I basically only have 2 weeks to finish it from start to finish that's enough time, right? I basically have to re-teach myself on how to paint with acrylics but I can do it.

I placed an order of posca markers (paint markers) today and they are already shipped so I should have that by next Friday hopefully sooner. So, I can use those as well.

I am going to start sketching my painting after we come back, I need to go buy a better light to see in my dark studio =/ There is no light anywhere.

Wish me luck =D

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