Saturday, August 5, 2017

Prepping The Canvas!

After so many years of me talking about going back to working with acrylics I am finally working with it, or going to anyways. Waiting for the first layer of gesso to dry so I can do it one more time the opposite way and then I am on my way to finally working with it again.

I stopped painting with acrylics back in early 2010 when I went to digital for my main canvas and never picked it back up. Maybe one day once I relearn how to paint again (it should be like riding a bike right? lol) I will show my old, old, old, work when I first started learning it back in 2009.

After I do my second coat of gesso to prime the canvas I think I am calling it quits. We are heading back to Michigan for my aunt's 70th birthday party. So I might not get any painting done at all today =( but Sunday is a new day =D

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