Friday, August 4, 2017

Tiny Stow Away!

Today Matt and I took the puppies to dunkin donuts for a treat and on our way home from there we start hearing meowing coming from outside. Well it kept following us so we decieded to stop the car and turn it off and sure enough a baby kitten was under our hood. Thank goodness it wasn't hurt it was up in the corner away from everythig moving. I was going to grab it and actually keep the baby but it ran off into the park in front of our house. Now I am going to be keeping an eye out for it so I can give it a nice home here with us. I am so worried though =/

Usually during winter I knock on the hood to make sure no anmials are under there but this little guy must of got in while we were parked at Dunkin Donuts. Sure enough though now, I will be banging on the hood everytime we get in.

On the art front I am 90% done with the sketching phase and I am in love with it. Of course now I am also coming up with tons of other ideas. I keep telling myself finish one first and then you can work on another, time limit here. I am allowed up to 4 paintings to try to get into the show so we will see how things go. Remember I am reteaching myself how to paint again with acrylics.

Guess what came in the mail today, yup my paint markers! I am so excited can't wait to use them =D

Ok enough rambling I need to get to work =D

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