Friday, June 8, 2018

Still Here!

No I haven't disappeared and I am still alive! =D I promise I am not going to leave again unless I say so ;)

This year is a big, I mean, big year for me =D November 18th marks my 10 year anniversary of my little creatures I call Unluckables. I can't believe they are this old and how far they have come. When I started this journey 10 years ago I couldn't draw a stick figure (I kid you not on this) but I had a dream of these creatures and I just went for it. Now look at them, my babies are growing up hehehe.

I went from drawing them in pencil, to the most embarrassing thing, I brought them to life in fabric art (for me anyways there is nothing wrong with this style of art it just wasn't for me), to painting them in acrylics to digital and now back to acrylics. They went through at least 4 different changes for the better and they are still evolving.

I want to do so much with them and this year is going to be the start for them. I want to do animations, back to doing comics, merchandise, you name it I want it for them =D. With that said I am starting off with a new logo and a new website (coming soon to the nearest internet). I have so much planned and can't wait to share this journey with you guys. 

Till Next Tim

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