Thursday, July 5, 2018

It's Over!

Thank goodness 4th of July is over with! Don't get me wrong I love the holiday but unfortunately my puppies don't. They never acted like this before, crying, shivering and barking. I felt so bad for them I wanted to cry.

I am wondering with the year before when we weren't here (we went with family to the fireworks in the park) if people around here was shooting them off close by our house and that really frightened them. The year before it didn't bother them one bit but mommy and daddy were home with them. Poor little guys, they will be turning 4 in October and they are my life along with their cat siblings. So you can just imagine how much I hate the fireworks right now because of them. We are going to try thunder shirts for them, which also explains now why Hunter is scared of thunder again, never was afaid of them until last July.

Lets see, I am working still on the new painting, many faces of Unluckables on the 5x7. I just picked all the colors and put it on them. The colors are great together so I am going to continue and should be done by this weekend. Again you can see the progress shots on Instagram I post there almost daily now ;)

Till next time...

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