Friday, July 27, 2018


That is where I am at right now =/ Limbo! I am trying to figure this damn scanning issue for the past couple of weeks now and nothing is turning out right. So I am pulling out all the stops on this lol.

I read so many tutorials on how to scan in your art from taking a picture to puttind a thin layer of matte varnish on it before scanning. Also read to doing settings with the scanner to playing with layers in your photo editor for me that would be photoshop. Just so much to play around with but I am determinded to get this right.

This is also the reason why I am painting on other surfaces to see if that plays a role in it. I really need to figure this out so I can get back to painting more than just putting a creature on the canvas for no reason lol. I do love the paintings I am creating though they are so much fun =D

Speaking of painting I am working on a piece of wood that is like 3x7 don't remember the exact measurements and I am waiting for the background to finish drying. While that drys I think I am heading to hobby lobbies to pick up the varnishes I need to test this theory. Wish me luck!

Till Next Time...

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