Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Material!

Early this morning I finished the painting I have been working on with 9 different faces of the Unluckables. I scanned it in =/ <---- Yeah that was my face when I looked at in the computer lol.

The painting looks great when you see it in person but come on, who wants to buy a print let alone the painting when it shows so much imperfections from the scan. I am not sure if I am scanning it in wrong or what but I do not like it. So I might just keep this painting to myself and just sell it in person at art fairs or cons, let it be a one off shoot (no prints or products made from it) Do this with all my canvases or see if I can figure out how to scan these in properly.

Don't even get me started on prints yet I have a wonderful printer that can print up to 13x19 and I can't figure out how to print again properly on it. So I have to take it to a shop to print out prints.Again insert that face here =/ This is all a learning experience and I will get this all down =D

With that said I went to the craft store today and bought a gallery style wood board and a gesso board already on it but is smooth not sure what this material is actually. Either way it should come out nice in the scan... hopefully!

I love canvas but it is really a finicky materal to use and I also would like to try out other materials before I settle on one material for the rest of my life. I have so many series I would like to do but I want it all to be again on the same material. I am playing around at this point to see which materail I like better.

Now I got new things to work on I am going to the drawing board to come up with my next painting =D

Till next time...

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