Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Month!

I can't believe a new month is here but that also means fall is just around the corner, my favorite time of the year! The crisp cold nights (not to cold) but just right and of course my favorite holiday Halloween!

I have been pretty busy since the last time I wrote. Since it is the 10 year anniversary for my creatures (November 18th) I am redoing my website and adding all the information that should've been there from the get go like, I don't know what they are lol. Wow I can't believe how lazy I was getting that done. Also I kept going back and forth on what direction I was taking them but it is set in stone now. The new layout should be up sometime next week =D

I also been painting in acrylics again, basically reteaching myself how to but it is coming along great.

I am a little sad that Michaels doesn't carry my favorite paint brushes anymore. My family had a reunion up in Michigan so of course we went and I always go to Michaels when we are up there since we live in Lame Ohio and they don't have one here where we live =/ When we went to go get my brushes to get stock pile of them til we move to Savannah later this year they didn't have them =( I got as close as I could though. So I had to go online to see if anyone carries them and noticed that Dick Blicks has them and lucky for me there is an actual store in Savannah.

Right now I am working on a new painting 5x7 with a bunch of unluckables are in the painting. It is coming along great, so far I only have the outline but you can see progress shots and more up on my instagram 

Better get back to work

Till next time

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