Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Family Portrait #1!

I have my second original painting called "Family Portrait #1" done in acrylics up for sale in my shop. This painting is 5"x7" 5/8" inches deep on Stretched Canvas and is varnished with UV protection.

This painting is so dang cute if I say so myself, I can't believe how adorable these creatures are when they get together for a photo op =D I have decided to turn this into a series but this series will be different. I usually create a series as where they are all the same sizes (the canvas) and sort of make them look all the same so when you put them up they look good together. However this series I want them (the canvas) to be all shapes and sizes which I think will be really neat (I hope anyways =P)

Anyways here is the cuties and more coming with the series (this series will be a never ending series)

Family Portrait #1

Of to paint the background for my next painting called "It Floats" still a working title though hehehe

Till Next Time...

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