Friday, August 24, 2018


I'm bitting my nails here, foaming at the mouth usually around this time I start putting up the rest of our Halloween decortaions but not this year =/ It is a good reason though but still very sad.

Yes I do keep up most of the Halloween decorations up all year round, just put the Happy Halloween and pumpkins stuff away. Again still very said lol

See the reason is... I am moving. Husband, me, 2 dogs, 5 cats and a high strung fancy gerbil are moving cross country to Savannah, Georgia. Yes the same place where Matt and I got married in a cemetery almost 3 years ago on October 30, 2015.

Well hopefully anyways I mean it is going to happen just don't know if by October 1st, if we can find a place to rent with 2 pitbulls or wait a couple more months and buy a house. Either way we are going to move there. I just don't want to put up the decorations and have to take all the stuff down in a couple of weeks. We will know more details in the next few weeks if we are moving by October. I sure hope so, I can't wait to get the hell out of this hell whole called Lame Ohio I mean Lima, Ohio.

I hate this place so much, we have been here for 8 years and we want the hell out of here. It is the most boring town I have ever been and not to mention it is in the middle of nowhere. You want to go somewhere fun you have to drive an hour or 2 to go somewhere.

To reminisce about Savannah here is a picture of our wedding. I have lost tons of weight since then, I finally sort of have my disease under control hence the weight issue. I was diagonsed with hypothyroidism a year and half later after this picture was taken. This is the heaviest I have ever been and now down almost 50 lbs now =D (I am a work in progress still, have tons more to loose but at least I know the reason why I couldn't loose the weight no matter what the heck I was doing)

Savannah, Georgia Bonaventure Cemetery October 30, 2015

Till Next Time...

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