Wednesday, August 1, 2018

It's A Bust!

That painting I have been talking about that I have been working on for serveral days. Yeah! Well that is a bust =/ My youngest cat which just turned a year old jumped up on to my art desk and sketched the surface of the wood panel =( and it is deep. I will go ahead and keep this and try to fix and just keep it for myself but dang it he was looking good.

Here is the painting and you can clearly see the damage by the eye

and here is the hellion, his name is Ashes and we call him Mr. Ashes. I love this little hellion so much even though he does try to kill me everyday but I wouldn't change it for world.

Well off to the drawing board again for a new painting idea. I will recreate him down the road but for now he is just a casualty.

Till Next Time...

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