Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I promised I would tell you guys my techniques on how to scan in a painting. Remind you this is still a work in progress for me but what I have found out so far it is working great. It is of course different for everyone so I highly suggest do these techniques on practice paintings first, meaning paint a picture you don't care about selling so if it ruins, your not in hot waters.

First step I tried scanning it in plain with no matte varnish at 600 dpi the bigger the better for me since I am using these paintings for all types of merchandise. When I scanned it in I realized it is to dull so this is what I do. Again try all techniques before you settle.

This is what I like and will continue doing unless I do find a better way and of course if I do I will let you know.

Step 1

Take your painting and spray a light MATTE VARNISH on let dry

Step 2

Scan in your painting I of course scan it in the highest it would go which is 600 dpi

Step 3

Open your editor for your images, I use photoshop, open your image.

Step 3

Play with your settings (every time I do a new setting I always duplicate the image first so if it doesn't work right I can always have the original)

So this is how it goes you have your image, duplicate it before doing anything to it and open up LEVELS and play with the settings till your satisfied

Step 4

Dupilcate that layer with the levels and then open up COLOR BALANCE and again play with the settings. At this point you should have 3 Images 1 No filter at all 2 Levels filter 3 Color Balance filter.

After that if you like it save as and there you go.

This is all a work in progress but I love how it is going so far and it works for me =D

Till Next Time...

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