Sunday, August 6, 2017


Yesterday I was gone all day for my Aunt's 70th Birthday Party up in Michigan. We had a wonderful time seeing all the family and we left a little early so we could go to Michael's, damn do I miss that place so much. I bought 6 little wooden coffins I want to paint on and sell. They will be a little series and only available during the Halloween time. We will see how it goes.

Then today Matt and I went to a festival by the beach suppose to be an art festival it was really disapointing only 20 vendors but we made the best of it. We found a little cute restaurant and got to eat on the deck on the lake, what a beautiful view, very cute and very good food. We will be going back a lot, of course we find it when we are leaving next year, hopefully anyways.

On the art front, it's finally time to start on that painting for the gallery, it's juried so not sure if I will make it in or not but I am gonna give it ago. Rather try than wonder, right!

So the prepping of the canvas is done, took longer than expected since we were gone all day yesterday and today but I am going to work now on. Putting on my favorite movie since it is about him anyways a little hint jack skellington more details later =D

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Prepping The Canvas!

After so many years of me talking about going back to working with acrylics I am finally working with it, or going to anyways. Waiting for the first layer of gesso to dry so I can do it one more time the opposite way and then I am on my way to finally working with it again.

I stopped painting with acrylics back in early 2010 when I went to digital for my main canvas and never picked it back up. Maybe one day once I relearn how to paint again (it should be like riding a bike right? lol) I will show my old, old, old, work when I first started learning it back in 2009.

After I do my second coat of gesso to prime the canvas I think I am calling it quits. We are heading back to Michigan for my aunt's 70th birthday party. So I might not get any painting done at all today =( but Sunday is a new day =D

Friday, August 4, 2017

Tiny Stow Away!

Today Matt and I took the puppies to dunkin donuts for a treat and on our way home from there we start hearing meowing coming from outside. Well it kept following us so we decieded to stop the car and turn it off and sure enough a baby kitten was under our hood. Thank goodness it wasn't hurt it was up in the corner away from everythig moving. I was going to grab it and actually keep the baby but it ran off into the park in front of our house. Now I am going to be keeping an eye out for it so I can give it a nice home here with us. I am so worried though =/

Usually during winter I knock on the hood to make sure no anmials are under there but this little guy must of got in while we were parked at Dunkin Donuts. Sure enough though now, I will be banging on the hood everytime we get in.

On the art front I am 90% done with the sketching phase and I am in love with it. Of course now I am also coming up with tons of other ideas. I keep telling myself finish one first and then you can work on another, time limit here. I am allowed up to 4 paintings to try to get into the show so we will see how things go. Remember I am reteaching myself how to paint again with acrylics.

Guess what came in the mail today, yup my paint markers! I am so excited can't wait to use them =D

Ok enough rambling I need to get to work =D

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Last night I couldn't find me a good light so I could work at night. Instead we just went a little bit of shopping for food and came home. We then sat down and started watching a little bit of American Ripper on the history channel and went to bed.

Still yet to go to other stores to check but now we are home from going out to eat and ready to start that sketch for that gallery show. I am not sure if I am going to show off this just yet, not until I know if I made it or not. Which we will know by September 7th, even if I don't make it in the show I will show it off and will try next year if they are still doing it =D

Wish me luck

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Must Be Crazy!

If I'm not already bogged down with getting my art back up, I decided to try my hand at entering a painting into a art gallery show. I must be crazy, but maybe this is what I need to get my ass in gear. The deadline is August 31st and so I basically only have 2 weeks to finish it from start to finish that's enough time, right? I basically have to re-teach myself on how to paint with acrylics but I can do it.

I placed an order of posca markers (paint markers) today and they are already shipped so I should have that by next Friday hopefully sooner. So, I can use those as well.

I am going to start sketching my painting after we come back, I need to go buy a better light to see in my dark studio =/ There is no light anywhere.

Wish me luck =D

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Feeding the Vampire!

Weird post name I know lol, but it's true! Later on today I have to go and get blood work done for my annual check up with the doc. I am telling you, when you have to fast for 12 hrs your always freakin hungry =/ So I am heading to bed very soon.

I was suppose to have tons of work to show by now but of course I am being once again lazy =/ When I come home after all this medical stuff tomorrow (mine and Matty's), I'm getting my ass in gear. I want to really get these creatures out and that will only happen if I get to work.

In other words in the next couple of days I will have new artwork, that I promise =D

Friday, July 21, 2017

New Art!

Finally after 4 1/2 months I finally have new art to show =D I don't know what is wrong with me I swear I have been procrastinating for so long because of this new medium, I was actually scared to start =/ Now it only goes up from here! My goal this weekend is to do a bunch of art work so I have something to post on my soical media everyday from now on.

What I am about to show you the picture doesn't do it justice what so ever. But you can see a clearer version on my instagram

Well off to find something to eat and then back to work