Monday, February 26, 2018

Featured Artist!

Today I woke up to an awesome email, I am a featured artist on Art Wanted today =D This really did boost my confidence so much. I really needed this, lately I have been second guessing my decisions about my creatures. So, this seriously makes me feel great and know I am doing something right =D

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Art Stealer!

Last post I wrote, I said someone stole my creature and put it on another site. It is now resolved, thank goodness, the good people at the site took my creature down and off of all the stuff it was on. =D

Now that is over with I can get back to creating, which reminds me, I am starting to draw my creatures again in ink and posting them on instagram. There is 3 of them up there now but my goal is to start drawing them 3-5 days a week =D

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I found out last night someone stole my Unluckable - "You Stitch My Heart " and put it on products over at Tee Spring.

To the people that are stealing artists work, I have some words for you. Get off your lazy f@cking ass and create your own damn s***.  You people make me sick, taking an artist work and saying it is your own and making money off of it when you didn't do anything. All I have to say is your time will come and pay backs are a b***h.

News Flash buttercup you messed with the wrong artist, I will not sit back and watch you take my hard work and money that pays my bills. Welcome to Hell, you unleashed the queen bee.

To other artist I highly recommend you look over there and see if you images were taken.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Unlucky Sale Print of the Week!

Can't believe it is a new month, where did my October go? =(

With it being November 1st and still Dia de los Muertos until tomorrow, I decided to make my latest painting Dia de los Muertos Sale Print of the Week. You can get her for just $9.99 plus shipping for an 8x10 on a semi gloss signed by me on the back.

You can get her at my shop

On the art front news I have a new painting to show you tomorrow I finally finished "Painted Hearts" but again have to wait till tomorrow to see him. I am back at working with my ink and markers for originals and these creations are looking so good. Can't wait to share them with you guys =D

Friday, October 27, 2017

Dia de los Muertos Painting!

I have a new painting to show you guys, I have been working on this painting for almost a year. A very long time in the making but she is finally done =D Yes you heard me right, there is finally a girl Unluckable well a girl in her own painting that is.

If you remember the painting Strange Madness there is a girl on the very bottom she is barely visible but still noticeable.

Anyways like I said a very long time in the making, I started her last year for Dia de los Muertos but never got around to finishing her in time. Since I am half mexican, I love this holiday I don't do any alters but still love the colors the sugar skulls everything about it and yes, I listen to Selena (my selena is the original selena not gomez, Selena Quintanilla) other than that, that's it.

I love this painting I created, I love the colorful spirit orbs love her make-up, did I mention I love everything in this painting. Its simple but beautiful! =D So here is Dia de los Muertos

You can find this print in my shop

Well off to finish that Painted Hearts that I started early this year =P

Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Painting!

I have been creating again in digital and I just finished my latest painting. He is the 3rd installment of the series Sweet Tooth this one features Candy Corn. I love his little devilish look so much =D I actually started him last year but never got around to finishing him till this week and I am glad I went back to him he is so cute =D

Here he is Sweet Tooth: Candy Corn

Also this week, I reopened my shop  and brought back Sale Print of the Week! This week the sale print is "Strange Pumpkin Maker" he is only $9.99 for an 8x10 signed on the back plus shipping and handling.

Of to start a new painting =D

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Yesterday I was gone all day for my Aunt's 70th Birthday Party up in Michigan. We had a wonderful time seeing all the family and we left a little early so we could go to Michael's, damn do I miss that place so much. I bought 6 little wooden coffins I want to paint on and sell. They will be a little series and only available during the Halloween time. We will see how it goes.

Then today Matt and I went to a festival by the beach suppose to be an art festival it was really disapointing only 20 vendors but we made the best of it. We found a little cute restaurant and got to eat on the deck on the lake, what a beautiful view, very cute and very good food. We will be going back a lot, of course we find it when we are leaving next year, hopefully anyways.

On the art front, it's finally time to start on that painting for the gallery, it's juried so not sure if I will make it in or not but I am gonna give it ago. Rather try than wonder, right!

So the prepping of the canvas is done, took longer than expected since we were gone all day yesterday and today but I am going to work now on. Putting on my favorite movie since it is about him anyways a little hint jack skellington more details later =D